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Relaxing Your Mind in Nature: Beautiful Scenery and UnWINEding in WNC

According to the American Heart Association, spending time in nature reduces stress and anxiety. We all have our reasons to reach out to nature. Often, we do so for the sake of our physical, emotional, and mental health needs. If you are doing it with friends, it is considered to be a good boost to a long-lasting relationship. Romance and charm deserve a quiet spot with beautiful scenery.

There are different reasons why most people look for privacy. Nature has always been a solace to writers and artists. These types of people love it when they are given enough space to focus on their work. Others do so under the recommendation of a doctor. Most people seek natural destinations for vacation and to also explore the wilderness.

Sometimes you need to take a break from your normal way of life and discover yourself. Nature provides the right environment for people who wish to meditate and change their lifestyles. You too have your reason as to why you need a change of environment. North Carolina is one of the destinations that are popular with visitors that seek the peace of mind and a chance to explore what nature has to offer.

On this side of life, you will find that there are plenty of ways to immerse yourself in the natural world and have fun. You may choose to savor the mind-blowing scenery from afar or take a leisurely walk in the woods to connect with nature. If you are a fan of forest bathing, then taking a hike in the wilderness will give you that physical, emotional, and mental boost that you have been craving for a long time.

You may have forgotten how it feels to be surrounded by natural features and breathing fresh air. You may be wondering if it is the right time to remind yourself how it feels to be far away from the busy and noisy urban streets. Anytime is good to soak yourself in a natural atmosphere and give your senses a different experience. For this reason, you need an area that enjoys mild winters and plentiful activities.

If you are a big fan of romance and charm or outdoor adventures, then the unrivaled scenic beauty of Lake Lure and thrilling view of the Blue Ridge cliffs and mountains is something you do not want to miss. Before you hit the higher elevations beyond the Mill Spring, NC area, you can see the breath-taking views of the mountains. You can explore the community between the town and the lake and discover the local wine trail.

There is plenty for everyone looking for a healthier climate. The weather is temperate thanks to the "thermal belt." The region between Mill Spring and Lake Lure is a popular retirement and tourism destination. More than 70% of the rural, northern part of Polk County, North Carolina is filled with a tree canopy.

How healthy is the area surrounding Lake Lure? In 1890, a physician from Missouri, Dr. Lucius B. Morse, diagnosed with tuberculosis chose the area along the thermal belt of WNC as the best destination for his condition. Just like Louis, you too can fall in love with the beauty of the mountains. The therapeutic quality of the region is ideal for anyone who wishes to relax the mind in nature.

During summer, couples who want some quality time away can sit in the sun and later catching the sunset at dusk. Hikers, campers, and nature lovers can spend most of their day exploring some of the popular trails near Mill Spring and Lake Lure. Some prefer spending the day discovering waterfalls and visiting nature parks and game lands. Your visit is not complete without tasting the wine produced in this region.

Afternoons in this part of the country are worth spending in a local winery.

Romantic couples and wine lovers get to sample a variety of America’s first grape wines from at least five wineries plus a few more that have recently joined the trail. Most prominent among them near us are: Burntshirt Vineyards Tasting Room (Chimney Rock), Point Lookout Vineyards, Parker-Binns Vineyard, Mountain Brook Vineyards, and Overmountain Vineyards.

As you sip a variety of wines produced from fruits grown in the Lake Lure region, you can still set your sights on the spectacular display of the Blue Ridge Mountains and its foothills from a close distance. It does not matter where you begin or end on your tour to all five wineries and a few more along the way, they all offer great wine, special tastings, entertainment, and more fun.

Besides sipping a variety of unique blends, you can spend a few days exploring the wine trail, meeting the makers, and learning how they make their wine. Small towns and apple orchards beckon a leisurely fall stroll through the hills. You can explore not only wineries but popular movie spots such as where scenes were shot for the movie Dirty Dancing, and other tourist attractions in the Hickory Nut Gorge, Hendersonville, and Saluda areas.

The best thing about the local wine trail in this area is that it gives you a variety of beautiful settings, each unique in their own way, along with a wide variety of wine types. This part of the country is perfect for growing grapes that produce wines from light and sweet to dark and full-bodied. Many have won accolades.

Nothing beats the experience of hiking along the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains. The hiking trails at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountain are ideal for all types of hikers. Some go up to the top of the falls. Besides the mounted views and the cascading waterfalls, the meandering trails provide hikers a close-up look at gorges banked with wildflowers and rolling hills. They can also take you to the most popular scenic drives and scenic vistas found in Polk and Rutherford counties.

Everyone falls in love at first sight with the beautiful and family-friendly Lure Lake. The tranquil and serene nature of the lake extends towards the areas that surround it. There is always a stunning view of the lake and the Hickory Nut Gorge from the top of the Chimney Rock. The scenery atop the mountain is worth your time and energy.

There are plenty of fun things to do in the area that surrounds Lake Lure and the Chimney rock. The woods of North Carolina are filled with lots of amenities. Visitors who love wet fun get to enjoy outdoor adventures such as swimming, tubing, kayaking, canoeing, paddling, waterskiing, and fishing will enjoy their stay here. This kind of fun can also be found in the nearby Lake Adger, Green river, and the Rocky Broad river.

The atmosphere will make you want to go outside and explore. Besides hiking the mountains and its foothills, you can also participate in outdoor activities such as ziplining, horseback riding, mountain biking, hunting, bird watching, and taking photos in the woods. Horse lovers have a lot to gain by visiting the Tryon International Equestrian Center which is a popular spot for riders and fans of horse-riding competitions.

There are plenty of group activities for visitors who travel with their families, friends, and colleagues. There is no better place to have reunions than in a place or area that spells peace and quietness. People looking to hold private events such casual, small wedding, reunions, and meetings often get a warm reception in this area.

Other notable activities include hiking Chimney Rock Park, visiting Little Bradley Falls, and touring Lake Lure by boat. You do not have to come alone; our cabins are pet friendly. Travelers who love to hike with their dogs have found a home at The End Of The Road. After a fun-filled day hiking the Blue Ridge mountains you can rest your feet by the fire in any of our cabins.

If you are looking to temporally escape the hustle and bustle of city life, then there is no better place to be than in the rural, northern part of Polk County, North Carolina, and its environs. It is an ideal spot for this type of change. You are sure to find a quiet getaway or a vacation filled with lots of outdoor adventure in this area.

Nestled into the woods of the Blue Ridge foothills are six tiny cabins (some with outdoor hot tubs). These cabins are just a few minutes from a branch of the scenic Lake Lure. If you are looking for a home far away from home, where privacy and quietness is the norm, then The End Of The Road is your perfect destination.

You are free to access nearby attractions. There is always something to learn from this beautiful area of the country. Our location in Western North Carolina is loved by travelers and hikers who enjoy their space. The natural woodland surrounding creates the right kind of privacy you need to relax and unwind.

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