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Family Reunions: You CAN survive them here at End Of The Road!

We feel your pain.  You're excited to get together for that once-a-year bonding fest we affectionately call a family reunion.  After a day of catching up, a redo of Uncle Buck's fishing stories (or just one revised story over and over and over) and your little cousins annoying the crap out of you all you want is to escape to your own space and have a nap!  Much to your dismay you awake from your momentary, dreamy slumber to realize you aren't at home, Dorothy. You are in a giant house sharing a bedroom guessed it...Uncle Buck and your little annoying cousins!  

lake lure cabin rentals

Not that you don't love these people but we are all human.  We get it.  The solution is to book with us and do family YOUR way.  Each family can have his/her own tiny home to escape to when the going gets tough (we have six).  Each with a full kitchen, bath, satellite tv, wifi queen bed (2), and either porch or deck.  And if Uncle Buck wants tell stories about the big one that got away he can tend to your cousins in the cabin truly at the end of the road!  Grill in peace at your place, or do the necessary family time at the gazebo, also with a larger propane grill.  After dinner invite your faves over to lounge at your site.  Or not!  Take a quiet trail walk or take in a game of corn hole with your parents.  It's up to you.  And you can even bring fido if he makes you feel a little more social.

With loads of outdoor activities and plenty of venues for special parties around the Lake Lure area you're sure to please even the pickiest of your 12 going on 20 year old nieces!

Ideal for singles, two golfing companions, couples and couples with up to two small children we can handle your small family get together in harmony from late March into December.

So if you want to leave your family reunion looking as perfect as the folks in these pictures, you need to book with us. 

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